Resin Infusion Molding (RIM)

Like vacuum injection with a counter mould, RIM is a double-mould process. First, the dry fibres are laid in a metal mould. A metal counter mould is then hydraulically pressed down over the composite object. Under moderate pressure the resin is pressed into the mould and saturates the fibres. The mould is heated to cut down on cycle time. To further enhance the quality, the mould can be subjected to a vacuum, which minimises air pockets. The quality of the finished product is high and even.

Metal moulds are more expensive than ordinary composite moulds, but last much longer. Meanwhile, RIM’s short process time makes the process perfect for large batch production, in which the surface quality is of paramount importance. EM Fibreglass use the RIM process in compositions, for which the customer has high standards in terms of quality (especially the car industry).

The benefits of RIM:

  • Excellent strength
  • Particularly excellent surface quality on both sides
  • Highly even quality and material thickness
  • Moulds have very long service life
  • Short process time
  • Can be used for sandwich constructions.
  • Good working environment

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