Tooling - plugs and moulds

Production of advanced composite moulds

EMF-TOOLING produce advanced composite moulds on every scale for customers, including the car and windmill industries. EMF-TOOLING possess more than 40 years’ experience. Today we can offer extremely competitive composite moulds of the highest quality.

The technology behind tooling

Our engineers and materials experts work together with our customers right from the start of the project and up to the running-in process. This close collaboration, together with our expert knowledge in the field of mould production and composite components, equips us to discover the very best solution.
We are experts in both solid and semi-flexible counter moulds. We also specialise in moulds for high volume production, and today we provide moulds for some of the biggest customers on the market.

The standard of our composite moulds includes an expected service life of approximately 1,000 presses, though experience has shown a much longer service life. At the same time, we are equipped to customise the mould and its desired durability, precisely according to its relevant application.
Depending on the mould and its size, EMF-TOOLING can produce 10 moulds per week.

Precision and quality

Our models are CNC-manufactured, and we can guarantee the greatest precision in all our equipment. EMF-TOOLING carry out extensive quality control at every stage of the process. This guarantees the best possible production conditions and, at any time, we can carry out preventive and corrective procedures, if it is considered necessary. If the customer requires, we can also produce a geometric measurement of the finished plug and mould.

Delivery and running-in

EMF-TOOLING want to be sure that our customers get the best out of our moulds. Therefore, we provide a running-in period, during which we can use our expertise to give guidance in the correct and optimal use of the moulds – entirely according to the individual customer’s manufacturing requirements.

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