Composite solutions​  •  Formed to Perform

We have more than 40 years of experience within composites

Constructions both big and small

Constructions of all sizes – comprehensive batches.

For more than 25 years EM Fibreglass have supplied windmill manufacturers with both large and small structures: e.g. covering for nacelles, rotors and spinners.

Windmills must withstand severe strain and material tension, as well as extreme weather conditions. The construction elements and components used have to be extraordinarily reliable, which makes great demands on our production plant.
Employing our unique knowledge of materials and experience of production planning, we create the most effective combination of cost-saving global sourcing, product and material specifications, quality control and the constant fine-tuning of both processes and products. We also make sure that the logistics are in order, so that our products reach the agreed place of delivery exactly according to plan.
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