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Hand lay-up

Hand lay-up is the most traditional method for the manufacture of fibre-enforced, thermoset plastic and is mainly used in the production of moulds, prototypes, one-off items or small batch sizes.
The process is simple. Glass is first laid in the mould and is then saturated with fluid resin (e.g. polyester, vinylester or epoxy). The laminate is then compressed to ensure optimal bonding between glass and resin and to remove air from between the resin and the fibre.
EM Fibreglass used hand lay-up to produce DR TV’s news display. We also produce helping materials for the production of windmill blades with hand lay-up, followed by vacuum sealing.

The benefits of hand lay-up:

  • Low mould and equipment costs
  • Perfect for prototypes
  • No need for complicated injection strategies

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